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Shaving Brush

Pearl shaving is one of the reputed company among all shaving brush manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Shaving brush is the brush that is used in the shaving process to generate lather from shaving cream. We provide shaving brush in variety of size, shape and prices. Even we provide guidance to select suitable shaving brush for you or for gift.

We are providing shaving brush in mainly four categories and they are grouped as per their material and different application. These are Synthetic hair shaving brush, Black badger shaving brush, Boar hair shaving brush and Travel shaving brush. Our each shaving brush is unique with its performance and application but there are some basic features that differentiate one category from other one. Boar brushes are known specially for their stiffness property. Brushes with synthetic hair are more popular because they offer property of stiffness with softness. Travel brushes are compact in nature and used to fulfill your shaving needs at the time of outing. Black badgers are common type of shaving brush and provide soft brushing feeling. Each shaving brush has its own unique characteristics but there is some crossover between each brush characteristic. For example each shaving brush is renowned for more softness and stiffness. So it is not suggested to rely on characteristics while choosing shaving brush for you instead one should read reviews of each model before placing order.

After selecting brush material, the next thing is to go for size of shaving brush. Each brush is made up of two parts, one is handle and other is knot. Knot is the name of bristles, where they are joined together before connecting to a handle. Size is the most common measurement of shaving brush. Another factor that can consider is the knots shape of shaving brush. These are available in many shapes such as fan and bulb shaped.

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